October 12, 2011

Fancy smanchy burgers!

The following is a long excerpt from my journal describing our time out at Square Burger, a fancy burger joint in Downtown in late August. 
Let me tell you what we girls did together, to celebrate Phoebe's birthday: There is a restaurant here in Downtown McK. called the Square Burger.  They specialize in locally grown foods: meats, veggies, etc., so Phoebe really wanted to go there for her birthday, but we were busy the entire weekend, and then we had something planned for Monday, so we just pushed it to Thursday, and said "maybe."

We had several errands to run prior to going to eat....  We parked near the Local Yocal.  While we were there, we told Matt & Heather (the owners) that were going to the Square Burger.  They asked why, and I told them it was to celebrate Phoebe's birthday (little thinking that Matt & Heather are Phoebe's employers; and the meat supplier for Square Burger). :P  We only were there for a couple of minutes and then walked over to the Square Burger.

We had the nicest, most helpful waiter - Albert.  [The restaurant] has a really great atmosphere.  Located in an Art Deco building with its original 18 foot ceiling, original windows and ceiling tiles create an aura of old-world-ness.  Since the building is located on the corner of the square, it makes for an interesting floor plan.  More of a rectangle, this place has the longest, bluest bar I have ever laid eyes on.  The place was pretty much dead when we got there, except for a lone customer trying some grub and beer.

Our booth faced E-W with a view of Virginia St., the passing traffic, shop fronts, people strolling.  The nice thing about being street-side, especially for a people-watcher like myself, is just that, you can more easily observe who goes past, what they are doing; and muse.  We did happen to recognize a couple (we know) as they drove past!

When we had finally decided upon what to order, and had ordered it, we waited several minutes before it was brought - probably 15-20 minutes.  As we sipped on our water and root beer, we enjoyed each other.  Chatting about everyday things, laughing.

Albert appeared, bring with him two of our three heaping plates of food, following with the third shortly.  Not only was the food simply amazing in appearance (they get 5 stars for presentation) it was mouth wateringly delicious.  From the tender juiciness of the medium cooked patty, to the freshness of the purple onion, tomato and lettuce.  My burger contained mushrooms, a kind of Swiss cheese and Avacado slices!  And I got a side of onion rings and something I'd never had before, but was surprised at how good it was - a fried pickle.

Believe me, it was yum!
So I totally recommend you dropping in to the Square Burger if you are ever in McKinney.  It is well worth your time and moolah... yeah, they are a bit pricey.  At least for me, poor student that I am. ;)
Their entrees run from $8.50 on up.  They have a 4 oz burger which is $2.00 less than their 7 oz. burger (which I ordered).  Ask about that option if you have a smaller stomach ~ their helpings are rather large! 

Their desserts are reasonable, especially if you consider that they are all made from scratch in store.  We enjoyed their ice cream sandwiches, and also their cinnamon fritters - or little balls of heaven, as Albert called them.

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