October 5, 2011

Dear ______

I am sad tonight.

Not really sure why I am feeling this way.  Could be that I heard about another friend who just got married. Blast!  I have told myself and really do believe, that I am beyond caring about relationships and those kinds of things.  Mostly because I am not interested in anyone, no one is interested in me, and I am by NO means ready to marry.

Could just be that I am beyond words tired.

I have been running around like a mad person for the last several weeks.


That's really what I need.  What my body now demands.  My brain is tired.  My eyes are foggy with sleep coming on.

There have been so many emotions running through me.  Life is good.  I am blessed, there is nothing for me to complain about.

By any stretch of the imagination I am a "lucky" girl.  Right now I have everything I need, and "want" - not that I really want anything. 

And truly I do have everything that I "need".  But even if I didn't, and the only "thing" I really need is Jesus - nothing else matters!

All I, all you need is Jesus.  He is, He must be, our All.  Our stay.  We must lean on Him when we are walking through life in order to stay on the Straight path, the path of Life.

So my life is in good hands.

Thankful my life is not in my hands.  These imperfect, selfish hands.

Jesus, take my life and let it be fully Yours.  Controlled by Your will, convicted of sin by Your Spirit, commanded by Your Word. 


  1. I so often feel like this....and find it better if I not dwell on my single at 26 status and instead keep my eyes on Jesus. It is easy to be content when I take a look around at all my blessings and lack of need. :)

    1. Yes, keep your eyes on Jesus! Don't chase a man just to get married....

  2. Thanks DelightinginHim! Amen. :) There is so much more to life than being defined by "not being in a relationship" - Jesus is enough, as I said in my post!

    Oh to always believe that...

    Bless you!

  3. @Anonymous ~ amen! God has given me such and peace and joy in my life since I wrote this post. Thank God!!


Thank you for sharing!