September 30, 2011


Today is the official opening for the highly anticipated Sherwood Baptist film Courageous. My family and I are among the many thousands who are getting the chance to see it on opening day.  Please go out and support this wonderful, impactful and inspiring film!

A synopsis for those who are unfamiliar with the film:
Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, David Thomson, and Shane Fuller are confident and focused. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood.
While they consistently give their best on the job, good enough seems to be all they can muster as dads. But they’re quickly discovering that their standard is missing the mark.
When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God … and to their children?
To locate a theater near you showing this action packed film, click here.

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