February 8, 2011

Let's Blow out the Candles!

Smiley baby
Cheesy smile
Can't believe that she's grown up so quickly.  And into such a beautiful, godly young lady.

Her birthday ice-cream sandwich :)

She is:

~Caring.  Compassionate.  Careful.
~Loving.  Loyal.  Long-suffering.
~Soft-hearted.  Sweet.  Sympathetic.
~Vavacious.  Virtuous. Vibrant.
~Brilliant.  Beaming.  Busy.
~Talkative.  Tender.  Tall.
~Artistic.  Attentive.  Affable.

Johanna is simply... a wonderful gift from God.  I am thankful that in His providence He ordained for our family to have another little girl.

Playing dress-up with Jaden 

Pretty in red
With Phoebe & Hannah
With Madeline
She's my 'baby sister' who isn't little anymore.   In fact, she's about an inch shorter than me, and growing like a weed. :)  And as she grows each day, not only physically but spiritually, I am amazed at the work God is doing in her life and heart.  How He is constantly showing her the way she should go, and establishing her in that way.

On vacation at the Creation Museum
 sweet little girls
With Jaden
Roly-poly observers
Family photo
PDA - Public display of affection ;)
Johanna & Janice
Mirror image
With Logan
I love you Johanna!  

Happy Birthday to you and many, many happy returns!

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