January 31, 2011

Sex-Trafficking and the Super Bowl

This coming weekend, thousands of people from all across the nation will descend on the DFW area to take part in the Super Bowl.  There will be parties, and tail-gates and lots of excitement.  But hidden behind all of the glamour and fun of this football game of all football games lies something many of us will never experience.

Sex-trafficking, a form of slavery, still exists in our world.  And though many of us may never see this horrific oppression, young children and women are exploited each year here in the United states and around the globe.

We may be thinking, "there is no way that this kind of slavery exists here in America, I mean we're the land of the free, right?"  But, according to the DOJ, "In 2005, the Department of Justice reported there have been an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 sex slaves in the U.S. since 2001."   In the same document, a 2009 study is cited: "In 2009, a University of Pennsylvania study estimated nearly 300,000 youth in the United States were at risk of being sexually exploited for commercial uses - "most of them runaways or thrown-aways," said Ernie Allen, president of the NCMEC."

The shocking fact is, that many of those enslaved are in our own back-yards, literally:  "In December 2007, research by the U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Justice based on interviews with pimps and sexually exploited children in several U.S. cities found that most pimps manage one to three girls at a time and operate as follows:

o At least half appear to operate at the local level only.
o At least one quarter may be tied to city-wide crime rings (often engaged in drug sales as well as
prostitution) and are constantly looking for new recruits.
o About 15 percent are tied to regional or national networks that are well financed and organized,
in which the pimps communicate easily with one another electronically; provide support
services such as recruitment, selection, indoctrination, and movement of new girls; and
occasionally assist in locating and disciplining girls who escape from other pimps.
o About 10 percent appear to be tied to international sex crime networks and, through them,
actively participate in the international trafficking of children. Some pimps also are part of
international drug networks and may use children to move drugs in to and across the U.S."

How can we be involved?  World Vision has some helpful resources on human trafficking, sex trafficking and exploitation.  This is something we cannot ignore.  It is a blot on society just as slavery in the 'old days' was, and abortion continues to be.  We can be their voice when they have none!


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