January 25, 2011


Have you ever thought about conversations?  For instance, how we answer the phone when someone rings our residence.  At our house, some of us answer with "hello, Kautt residence, so and so speaking," while others just say "hello" or something similar. 

It seems that with the advent of social networks, such as twitter, facebook, myspace, friendster, and other similar meeting places, that our ability to hold true conversations with others has lessened.   I have found this to be true in my own life since getting on facebook and twitter, but even blogging can lend to 'capsulated' conversations.

In twitter world, you only have 140 characters to say what you wish.  In real life however, we can use as many words as necessary to convey an idea, or get a point across.  Personally, I enjoy stimulating conversations with others, whether they think like me or are of an opposite opinion.

However we converse, whether short or long, intellectual or trivial, about the weather or relationships, whatever we discuss should be done in such a manner as to edify the other participants in the conversation.  That is something hard to achieve.  So many times in evaluating conversations after the fact I realize with regret the things I could have said differently, or with a gentler tone or manner.  It's easy to fall into a sort of trap with regards to words and conversation.  We can think that what we are saying is of greater importance than how we are saying it.

Our conversations should be pleasing to God first and foremost, and encouraging and up-building to those we are speaking to or with. 

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