December 31, 2010

Love You

December 27, 2010

Absence makes the heart fonder

Well, maybe that’s not the case with my writing, but who knows?  I can say truthfully I have missed typing away at blog posts during this blogging break.  Even though writing is somewhat of a chore for me, or should I say laborious, I still find much enjoyment in expressing my thoughts upon the page.

This year is almost complete in the pages of history.  Just a few short days remain of 2010, and then we commence upon another 365 of reflection and action.  I am always most introspective at this time of year, due in part to the realization that life is fleeting, and one must not sit with hands folded in one’s lap, viewing life from the front porch as it were, but instead get out and jog the streets – actively participating in each days activities, enjoying, battling, arguing, defending.

It is always hard to find words to describe just what sort of feeling I get at the close of another year.  The closest would be on the borderlands of melancholy – but not depression.  Certainly there is a place for both states, and I have experienced them in their turn.  But it is more of a sighing for things that I should have accomplished or could have said differently, etc.  Somewhat along those lines.  A sort of looking back in regret.  To stay in that frame of mind is, I don’t think, healthy for one’s emotions.

And so it is with strong resolve that I have decided to not look back with sadness or regret, but to look back with thankfulness and gratitude at the lessons learned, the memories shared, the blessings received, and to charge into the new year ‘full steam ahead’ as it were, with much anticipation of what lies just beyond the horizon.  The unseen.

I’ve made my list of the top ten goals for 2011.  Now to prayerfully assess how to  carry them out.  I am excited about what the new year holds, not only for me, but for those in my family and circle of friends.  Adventures are sure to be included.

A new year, a new slate to write upon.  “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

What are your new year’s resolutions?