October 2, 2010

Another day

He lies prostrate in a hospital bed.  Tubes and wires are running into and out of his body.  Illness clings to his body, and yet he sleeps. Oblivious.  Numbed by sedatives.  Resting in a state of drugged peace.  The doctors say he has improved, if only a little.  Any good news is snatched up by the family like the last crumb of bread available.  Hope is what they need.
Many times a day prayers are being offered up for him, and them.  People well-known and some complete strangers, all united together in petitions for this man’s health, and for comfort and strength.
Each new day a routine is set – drive to the hospital at 8, 10, noon, 2, 5 and then again at 8.  Six times daily, she makes this same trek.  To spend a few precious moments with her love.  To squeeze his hand.  Speaking to him in tones so tender, lovingly telling him about her day, about all those who care for him, who love them.  She cries.  Her heart aches for her love.  She is powerless, and yet she is not because she has Him on her side.  Always.
Another day has come and gone.  He still lies there as if suspended in time.  Unaffected by his surroundings.  And yet, he is not unaware of what is happening to him.  He senses us when we are there in his room.  Singing.  Praying.  Talking to him, willing him to hear, to live, to spend another day here with us.
Don’t waste a moment with your family.  Tell them you love them.  Give them a hug.  Don’t part with bad feelings, leave with pleasant words and smiles on your face and in your heart.  Love your family, today.

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