August 6, 2010

Photographs from our trip: People and Places

First stop: Tyler, TX to exchange some things with our grandparents ~ Poppy & Grams

Phoebe, Mom, Grams & Johanna

I enjoyed chatting with Poppy!

Nearing the Louisiana border

A Mississippi river

Nearing Birmingham, AL

Tennessee in my rear view mirror

Blue bridges

Rhea county court house - Scopes trial 1925 held here

Clarance Darrow before the court 

Johanna in the Scopes Trial Museum

Joel inspects the photographs

Caleb reading the historical narrative

Historical marker

A river - Kentucky

A red barn

Jo and I

Waiting on our food - Jason's Deli (Knoxville, TN)


The front porch - Sevierville, TN

The family ~ Sevierville, TN

Playing tennis - Sevierville, TN

Jo with her eye on the ball


Two courts played

Jaden enjoyed the playground


The Great Smoky Mountains ~ They are smoky 

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