August 31, 2010

Phoebe's 15!


I posted this on Phoebe's birthday ~ Saturday.   If you want to see a slideshow of photos, go to my blog.

Phoebe's beard
Today is a special day at our house.  15 years ago this afternoon, we received into our hearts and home a beautiful, brown-eyed bundle of joy whom we named Phoebe (Greek – Bright and radiant).
I had been praying for a little sister I could share a room with, since I had two brothers (I was the middle child at that point), I wanted someone I could talk to, play with and share “girly” experiences.

A giant!
Phoebe is one of the quiet, mature young ladies I know her age.  She has wise words to share, sweet gestures to make and acts of kindness to those around her.  And, she is very smart!  Oh, and one other thing I LOVE about her – she is a talented pianist!

Jo and Phoebe
P - Patient.  Playful.  Prayerful.  Pretty.  Pianist.
H – Hopeful.  Honest.  Helpful.  Happy.
O – Obedient.  Optimistic.  Orderly.
E - Eager.  Earnest.  Effective.
B – Bold.  Beautiful.  Big-hearted.
E – Exuberant.  Exciting.  Essential.

I am so thankful that Phoebe is a part of our family.  She is such a blessing, and she shows it every day when she works in the kitchen, edits videos, does her schoolwork, plays with Jaden, talks to Mom, or folds the latest load of laundry.  Beyond all of those things, she has a passion for people – especially evangelizing them, winning lost souls for Jesus Christ!  God has truly gifted her with a sharp intellect, a wit that few possess.  She has been able to put all that to use in her creative video editing jobs and in her input for our Ministry.

Reminiscing with Mother
I love you Phoebe!   May the Lord richly bless you day by day as you serve Him, and give you many more joyful years of life!

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