August 4, 2010

Defending the Faith - Voddie Baucham (Session 6)

Defending the Faith Conference July 20-2010

Voddie Baucham – Cultural Apologetics: The Culture War and How it effects the Family

We have been commanded to contend earnestly for the faith, and to always have answers ready.

We “fire” at cultural issues: gay marriage, abortion, etc., and yet, we don't get to the heart of the issue – man is a sin fallen creature, in need of a savior.

We are clueless as to when the culture war began. It didn't start in the 1780s, 1880s or 1980s, it started at Genesis 3.

1850s onward, the public schools were designed to destroy the foundation of Christian America.

Male headship – 1 Cor. 11; Gen. 2 – this is where we get the idea of “patriarchy”

For the most part, marriage, is basically the same in the church as in the world. Divorce rates are the same. Premarital sex, same.

1 Cor. 7; Matt. 19 – The gift of singleness. 9 out of 10 people will get married.

Marriage before the Fall – Gen. 2:18-23

Marriage is God's idea. God said it was not good for Adam to be alone. Adam had to understand his alone-ness before he realized his need for Eve.

Purposes of marriage:

~Illustration (Eph. 5)

After the Fall:

~Roles reversed – God – Man – Woman – The serpent – Creation
~Curse of the offenders – Gen. 3:8-15 (curse of Man, woman, serpent); Rev. 12:3-4

There has been an attack on the fruit of the womb since Genesis 3. Spiritual warfare between the Seed of the serpent, and the Seed of the woman.

What does this look like in the “war?”

Attacks on the family:

~Orphans / Abandoned children
~Intentional childlessness

Male-headship (Feminism)

~Intentional childlessness

Man / work

~Leadership vacuum
~Delayed marriage
~Extended childhood

The promised Redeemer: our only hope for victory in the culture war.

We cannot legislate morality, we must preach the Gospel before we can begin to start seeing changes politically! This is a spiritual battle for the very souls of men!

Satan wants us to be distracted by other issues. 

The church is guilty. I am guilty! And we must step up and take back our church.  A second reformation needs to happen!

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