July 6, 2010

Sono Harris Remembered

I got the sad news yesterday.  Even though I knew she was seriously ill, I did not expect her to go so quickly.  I'm sure her family didn't either.

Sunday July 4th was Independence Day for many, but for Sono Harris wife of homeschool pioneer Gregg and mother to: Josh, Joel, Brett, Alex, Sarah, Isaac and James, it was homecoming day.  The day when she stepped over to the shores of glory-land!  

Her earthly journey was brief (1954-2010) and yet filled with so much to remember and give thanks for.  She has been an inspiration to countless thousands, even as she was a "behind the scenes woman" - her husband and sons Josh, Alex & Brett being well-known, you know that she was a great influence and inspiration in their lives.  As the saying goes "behind ever successful man, is a strong woman."  How true.

I love what her sons Alex & Brett say about her on their blog
Fourth of July represents something even greater to us now, true freedom for our dearest mother — from a body wracked by cancer and life in a broken world.
Tonight, as fireworks lit up the sky, we like to think that they celebrated a life well-lived — and a recognition that it is not death to die, that we can still rejoice.
Even as they rejoice that their wife, mother and grandmother is cancer free, I know that they must be sorrowing inexpressibly.  Join me in praising God for a life will lived, and for strong comfort and strength for the dear family left behind.

To the Harris family - You are all in my prayers as you grieve!

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