July 8, 2010

Quoting the Author

 It is only in a society that truly acknowledges God as being the Supreme Being that science can continue to be advanced. We do not see scientific discoveries for the most part being made in pagan lands. Why have not the Muslim countries seen great advances in the medical industry for example? Could it be that due to their worldview, such advances are nearly impossible? Or why hasn't an “industrial revolution” occurred in some of the Asian countries where Buddhism, Hinduism, or Animism are being practiced?

I would argue that because of the Christian influence on all of society throughout the centuries, there have been great discoveries made in almost every major field of study, scientifically speaking. When we look back through the ages, we see how that after the Reformation, there was a literal explosion of new inventions and much of the ground work was done for what we now call “modern science” - what was then called natural history. And then after the Great Awakenings in North America and the British Isles, numerous advances were made in not only the scientific fields, but industrially.

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